Integrated Land Information System (ILIS)

Relational Data Systems currently holds the maintenance and enhancement contract for ILIS. ILIS brings together information relating to land from across the Territory and remains a leading application in the delivery of land information while maintaining high availability and stability. ILIS is made up of various modules including the Lands Title System, Planning, Building, Valuation System and Land Administration.

Land Titles System

The Land Titles System manages all aspects of land titles including creation, searching and extinguishment as well as the lodgement and registration of dealings. To provide these functions the Land Title System has been broken up into several distinct components - Pre-Population, Dealing Lodgement, Dealing Registration and Land Search together provide the core functions of the Northern Territory Land Titles system.


The Pre-Population module is a form based web application that allows non-government users to pre-populate Land Title Office dealings. The Pre-Population module is an implementation based on the
National Electronic Conveyancing System (NECS) and provides a high level of data validation, saving significant time trying to process incorrect dealings. The Pre-Population module also provides users with the means to save their Dealings as NECS Compliant XML, allowing users to view their dealings in other NECS Compliance applications. The Pre-Population module is linked with the ILIS Dealing Lodgement system allowing LTO staff to seamlessly transfer pre-populated dealings into the Dealing Lodgement system.

Dealing Lodgement

Dealing Lodgement is a flexible workflow-oriented system designed to allow the efficient and accurate lodgement of Land Title Dealings. As dealings are being processed, they are moved through Workboxes notifying the relevant staff of dealings that require further processing. Where dealings are lodged over the counter, barcode labels are automatically printed identifying the dealing and allowing for bulk scanning at a later stage. This component is linked to the Billing module to enable statutory charges to be levied on private sector account clients and public users at the Land Titles Office.

The dealings are stored in a format that is based on the NECS standard for dealing XML, allowing easy integration with electronic conveyancing.

Dealing Registration

Dealing Registration is the component used to update the Title Register from dealings that have been lodged with ILIS. Dealing Registration uses a purpose-built Processing Instruction Engine allowing common processing behaviour to be shared between different types of dealings e.g. creation of new titles, modification of owner names. The processing engine has been designed to allow modular processing of dealings that conform to or are based on the NECS standard for dealing XML. This allows new dealing types to be developed quickly as only the order and selection of processing instructions needs to be decided.

Land Search

Land Search allows public searching of the Title Register for Search Certificates, Record of Administrative Interests and the Government Land Register. Searches can be conducted on Owner Name, Street Address, Tenure Reference, Title Volume and Folio, Property Name, Survey Plan and Parcel Number.

The Record of Administrative Interests provides details on the Rights, Obligations and Restrictions of the property. The Record of Administrative Interests has been designed in a modular way to allow sections to be added and removed easily without affecting other areas of the record. Many of the sections displayed are maintained within ILIS. These include:

  • Government Land Register
  • Parcel and Surveyor Information
  • Parcel Valuations
  • Government Land Acquisitions
  • Building Permits and other information from the Building Record
  • Town Plan Zones
  • Planning Applications and Determinations

These sections use a variety of methods for transmitting data to ILIS. Each method has been chosen based on the technology used in the originating system and the guaranteed availability of that system.


The Planning module is a comprehensive application responsible for the management of planning applications and provides a total solution to the management of Planning data. The module is responsible for the administration of Service Authorities, Meetings, Applications, Compliance Monitoring, Determination Generation, Application Workload Allocation (for management), the Planning Application Workbox (for project officers), document upload and storage, and document generation through the use of Planning templates. The Planning module is now one of the largest modules in ILIS and the architecture and tools created during its development have served as a model for most of the current development projects in ILIS.

Valuation System

The Valuation System is used to carry out statutory valuations of land parcels by the Valuer General's Office. The system supports all aspects of the land valuation process from the identification of benchmark parcels to the generation of valuation notices. This module provides a suite of processes and reports for maintaining land valuation data, and is heavily used by the Valuer General's Office in the regular revaluation process which culminates in the mass mailing of valuation notices to landowners.

Building Permits

The Building Permits component records and manages the issuing of Building Permits and Certificates of Occupancy. Once a building permit is lodged, it can be registered by building branch staff. This allows the details entered by the certifier to verified. On completion of the building works the Certifier notifies building branch staff so the Certificate of Occupancy can be recorded.

Building Practitioners

The Building Practitioners module allows the Building branch to record registrations issued by the building branch to individuals and companies to work in various capacities within the building sector. These registrations provide consumers of some guarantee about the ability of the holder to do the work they are registered for.

This component of the Building control module is used to maintain data on building practitioners and their registration details and assists the Building Practitioners Board in managing the process of application, granting, renewal, suspension and revocation of practitioner registration. The Building Practitioners module provides a workflow-driven interface ensuring the correct levels of insurance and qualifications are met before registration is granted.

ILIS provides public access to the complete list of practitioners via the Internet. This ensures that public is able to verify the current status of any registration. Information for this list is directly queried from the Building Practitioners component, ensuring up-to-date information is always available.

Owner Names Tool

This is a client-side plugin for ArcGIS products that has been developed to allow owner names to be queried from within the tool. This plugin connects directly to the Land Titles system to retrieve the owner details based on the selected parcels. Since the implementation of this tool, there is no longer a need for each agency to store redundant copies of owner information for use in ArcGIS. This tool also ensures that the owner information returned is always current as it is retrieved from the authoritative source. Due to the sensitivity of this dataset, all requests for owner names are logged by the tool.

Details on how to apply for access to ILIS are available via the NTLIS website: