Web Mapping Systems

Relational Data Systems is foremost in the development of web mapping systems in the Northern Territory and has experience in the utilisation of both spatial and non-spatial information in delivering information-rich and easy-to-use applications.


ILISMaps is a web application allowing authorised members of the public and government employees to find, view and perform many operations typically found in GIS programs (identify, select, export etc) on the spatial datasets maintained and stored by NTLIS.

Spatial Download

Spatial download is a middleware application to allow security, logging and authentication of the services provided by Safe Software's FME Spatial Direct. This system allows fine grain control over the access users have to these datasets including control of the geographical extents.

NT Atlas - http://www.ntlis.nt.gov.au/atlas

The NT Atlas web application is based on ILISMaps and offers many of the same features. The key differences between the two applications are their intended audience. NT Atlas has been design to suit the needs of the general public who often do not have the same level of GIS experience. As a result, many of the tools and functions of this application have been simplified.

Road Report - http://www.ntlis.nt.gov.au/roadreport/

This site allows the public to view current road conditions throughout the Northern Territory. The site displays both textually and spatially any road closures, road works, road limitations and any other known problems with the road network. The site allows for both text based and spatial reporting on road conditions and brings together information from a range of platforms including RIMS on the mainframe, spatial data from the digital cadastre and the place names database. It is the first application developed in the Northern Territory to allow textual information maintained in RIMS to be displayed spatially on a locality map through the use of Oracle's linear referencing system. This information can also be accessed on mobile devices via WML pages generated from the same data.

Aerial Photography Index - http://www.ntlis.nt.gov.au/airphoto

The Aerial Photography Index provides an online interface for viewing the Aerial Photography Archive and for ordering copies of photos available in the archive.

Historic Maps Index - http://www.ntlis.nt.gov.au/historic_maps/

The Historic Maps Index is based on the framework that was developed for the Aerial Photography Index. This application is used to allow public access to search, preview and order historic maps.

Imagery Catalogue

The Imagery Catalogue stores details of Imagery that the Northern Territory government has on offer. The catalogue allows the custodian of the imagery attach metadata, including where the imagery is stored. The public can then search the catalogue both textually and spatially to find imagery.

Automated Mapping System

The Automated Mapping system allows user customisable maps to be produced using data extracted from Oracle Spatial, Microstation DGN files and MapInfo datasets. The system allows the user to select from various template designs and numerate geographical regions and spatial layers. Wherever possible the data for each layer is extracted directly from the source system, ensuring that the most currrent data available is used. Maps can be generated as in either PDF or SVG format depending on the user's preference. The system is primarily used to produce hard copy maps ranging in size from A3 to A1.